If you are looking for ways in which you can challenge your intellect, the highly effective way to do so would be to play a puzzle game. Puzzle games have long been popular among people of all ages due to their ability to stimulate the player's mind. Not only they can help to sharpen one's mind and problem solving skills but also provide ample entertainment in the process. While puzzles often came at one point of time in the form of board games and indoor games, with the advent of digital technology it is now possible for people to play a wide range of puzzle games on their desktop and mobile platforms.

One of the puzzle games that have already taken the gaming world by storm is the Jumpin Jack Puzzle Game. Often cited as an awesome best brain booster game by many game reviewers that a player can indulge in, this addictive game has not only become popular as a kids game but has also impressed adult gamers. If you are looking for tricky puzzles that can keep you entertained for hours, then this jumping puzzle would be it. Displaying the highest proficiency in terms of game development, Jumpin Jack has been developed as a leading Android Game, iPhone Game and iPad Game.

This innovative 3D puzzle game consists of 120 different levels that the player has to successfully complete. The level get progressively complex and speedier, which means the player not only has to make use of his/her brains but also use the fingers aggressively to complete the levels. The challenging game also consists of ten different Jack avatars that you can choose from, including the latest Santa Jack. The match pattern of the game requires you or Jack to jump on the 3D squares and react to them quickly so as to avoid sinkholes that randomly keep opening up. You can use the Jack Meter to keep track of your Jack play scores. The 3D Game is also known for its spectacular graphics that looks great on any Android and iOS device.

This stunning Jump Master mind game is designed in arcade console style which makes it unique among the various mobile platform games that are in vogue. The players also have the opportunity to share their scores via social media sites and compete with other players on a global platform. Such unique features have made this Jumping game one of the best Android and iOS games of all.